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Stan Lee

Dork Awards: The 25 Greatest Super Heroes of All Time (Part One)

June 19, 2013 // 6 Comments

Recently, a friend showed me a mainstream entertainment site’s list of the 25 Greatest Super Heroes. I approached the list cynically, of course. As a funnybook connoisseur (read: DORK), I automatically assumed that the straight world just wouldn’t get it right. And I was correct to some extent, but as I went through their list, I also found myself becoming fascinated. Because it wasn’t really a list of the best super hero characters. It was a list of the best versions of [...]

Halloween Leftovers: Jim Steranko’s Tower of Shadows

November 4, 2012 // 0 Comments

Incredible as it may seem after 31 days of posts, I actually did have a few Halloweenie odds and ends that I didn’t get around to last month. But, hey. One of the great pleasures of the holiday season is leftovers, right? So tonight I thought I’d share one of the tastier bits: That’s Jim Steranko‘s cover for Tower of Shadows #1, Marvel Comics’ entry into the late-60s horror comic boom. It’s a striking piece of pop-art, from the killer logo to the violent red [...]