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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Moore vs Morrison: The Battle Continues

January 15, 2019 // 4 Comments

So this week, we’ve got an increasingly rare occurrence: competing comics from Britain’s premiere funnybook-writing sorcerers! Alan Moore and Grant Morrison have been at odds for years, on pretty much every level. It’s a very personal feud that’s extended into their approaches to magic, writing, and life in general. And like most bitter enemies, they have more in common than either of them likes to admit. But enough prelims! Let’s get on with the latest round in [...]


January 8, 2019 // 2 Comments

So after a few weeks of holidays and Doomsday Clock dissection, the review stack’s gotten pretty tall. But the amount of time I have to deal with it is still pretty short. So let’s see how much we can get done before deadline, shall we…? Heroes in Crisis 4 by Tom King and Clay Mann  After last issue’s really quite affecting flashback to Sanctuary before the bloodshed, this issue returns to the aftermath, and to the frustrations I had with the series’ first two [...]

Beauty, Myth, Nostalgia… and Batman

September 18, 2018 // 5 Comments

So I think maybe it’s time to dig into this giant stack of funnybooks on my desk… League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Tempest 2 by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill I forget sometimes how… exhausting this book can be. You’ve got Alan Moore doing his thing, writing straightforward adventure stories with more going on than is obvious at first glance. Then he and O’Neill set in with the cameos and tributes and easter eggs. Things that seem familiar, but [...]

Something Old, Something New… FUNNYBOOKSINREVIEWAREGO!!

July 17, 2018 // 0 Comments

So our Steve Ditko memorial post last week put us a little behind on the regular funnybook reviews, but it seems to have been rather widely enjoyed, so I suppose that’s okay. Still, though, there’s a lot to talk about. There were new issues of several continuing favorites, but also some new beginnings for old favorites, including a surprising amount of surprisingly interesting corporate spandex. So let’s focus on those new beginnings, starting with (perversely) an [...]

Funnybook Battle: Nemo vs Miracleman!

March 7, 2014 // 2 Comments

Haven’t done one of these in a while (maybe not since we moved the nerd farm to its current location). But last week saw the release of both two different Alan Moore comics, one written at the beginning of his career in 1982, and the other written in the present-day. And that seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. The former book shows us the hungry Young Moore, relentlessly pursuing a new way of writing comics. The latter comes from the more relaxed Old Moore, who’s got nothing [...]

A Few Words on the Alan Moore Thing

January 21, 2014 // 2 Comments

So it looks like the Funnybook Shakespeare is mired in interweb controversy again. I’m a week or two late commenting on this, of course, evidently being only slightly more connected to the wider internet than Alan Moore himself (who, rather famously, doesn’t have an internet connection at all). Or maybe it’s just that I’m not at all connected to message board controversies, because honestly… That’s ultimately what this is. But for those of you even farther [...]

Dork Awards: The 25 Best Funnybooks of 2013, Part Two

January 9, 2014 // 3 Comments

Our countdown of the best funnybooks of 2013 continues, starting… now! 12. Rachel Rising, by Terry Moore The best horror comic on the market is one that too many people don’t know about. I can’t say I’ve done my part to fix that problem, either; I’ve been meaning to write about it for over a year, and somehow just never got to it. But let’s see if I can fix that now. Rachel Rising is a bloody banquet for horror fans, a twisting, turning serial about [...]

Pretty Pictures (and a Time-Lost Middle Finger)

August 27, 2013 // 0 Comments

The day job continues to be super-busy, and I haven’t been able to write this week. So instead, I thought I’d share a few pretty pictures… First up, we have a pretty kick-ass drawing of Jack Kirby’s Etrigan the Demon, by Ramon Villalobos: I dig it. That’d be a cool t-shirt, that would. DC, take freaking notice! If you’d like to see more of Villalobos’ work, check out his Tumblr here: New Cool Meat. There’s some nice work there, stuff that puts [...]

A Brief Word on Funnybook Death

February 28, 2013 // 2 Comments

Yesterday, one of the most beloved characters in literary history died. I’m referring, of course, to Ishmael. The beloved narrator of Moby Dick, Herman Melville’s classic tale of sea-faring adventure for kids, Ishmael is remembered by children around the world for his plucky charm, his heart-warming friendship with the gruff Captain Ahab, and his encyclopedic knowledge of 19th Century whaling techniques. And now, he is dead. Ishmael met his demise not on the sea he’d devoted [...]

Alan Moore’s Immortal Love

December 16, 2012 // 2 Comments

Hey, remember how we were supposed to get a vinyl 7-inch included as part of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier? I mean, I know it’s been a while. Five years, to be precise. But surely you remember Black Dossier: You know. The sourcebook? The odd man out of the League volumes? The one with the startling 3D section that allows you to see things best left unseen? The one with the Tijuana Bible based on 1984? Ah, that’s right. It took the porn to bring it all back. [...]