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Countdown to Halloween

Countdown to Halloween, Day 21: Slow Munsters

October 21, 2015 // 0 Comments

So the theme song to the Munsters has been getting plenty of airtime lately, thanks to Fallout Boy’s ill-fitting appropriation of it for their song “Uma Thurman.” I mean, don’t get me wrong. That’s a great guitar riff. It just doesn’t belong in that song. ANYway… The Munsters. Fun show, watched it a lot as a kid, still catch one every now and then, one of the greatest TV theme songs ever. But everyone’s heard it a million times, and that’s [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Days 19 & 20: The Worms Crawl In

October 20, 2015 // 0 Comments

Missed another day, somehow. But, no worries. I’ll make it up to you with not just a two-fer, but a little something extra, as well. First, though, I should tell you what’s on tap for tonight’s entry in the Halloween mixtape. It’s “The Hearse Song,” also known under the title I really prefer: “The Worms Crawl In.” This is a fun one. The song’s origins are mostly unknown. It may date back as far as the early 19th Century Crimean War, or at [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Day 18: Horror of Yig

October 18, 2015 // 0 Comments

Going from the sublime to the ridiculous… …tonight the Halloween mixtape brings us to GWAR. Formed in the middle 1980s as a parody of Satanic heavy metal, GWAR took the schtick one step further. They’re not devil worshippers. Hell, they’re not even human. They’re alien shock troops, barbarians from space, exiled here in the distant past when they dared rebel against their boss, the Master of All Realities. Obsessed with sex, death, and torture, GWAR has awakened [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Day 17: This is How We Do Things in the Country

October 17, 2015 // 0 Comments

Since I started down the gothic country path last night, I figured I might as well keep on walkin’ down it a little further. I mean, sure. It’s gettin’ kinda muddy, and the kudzu’s startin’ to choke it out some. And I ain’t 100% positive, but I might’ve tripped over somethin’ that felt a little like a corpse back there aways. But I just figger that must mean we’re about to stumble over somethin’ good an’ Halloweenie for our [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Day 16: Blood on the Bluegrass

October 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

Earlier this month, I said that the Violent Femmes’ “Country Death Song” is my favorite gothic country tune. But you know… I might have been selling The Legendary Shack Shakers a little short. Hailing from Paduca, Kentucky, the Shack Shakers (alternately THE, TH’, and sometimes THOSE Legendary Shack Shakers) play a swampy mix of blues, rockabilly, country, carnival polka, and whatever else suits their fancy, often with a sort of breakneck abandon. If you wanna [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Days 14 & 15: Goon and Circuses

October 15, 2015 // 1 Comment

Taking a break from the Halloween mixtape tonight to do a Halloween funnybook review. But, man… We got all kinds of trouble with the Countdown. First, I fell asleep trying to pick a song for last night’s entry (Never get comfy in front of the YouTubes when you’re tired, man. Don’t work out good). Which would normally call for a two-fer. But as I said… I’m doing a funnybook review tonight instead. So… DISCOMBOBULATION! But don’t worry. I’ve [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Day 13: Turkish Song of the Damned

October 13, 2015 // 0 Comments

Sometimes the Halloween music can get a bit silly (last night’s cockney two-fer being a good example of that). But for this lucky 13th day of the Countdown, I thought I’d move on to something a trifle more serious: a straight-up ghost story. Even better… It’s a PIRATE ghost story! And even yet still better than that… It’s also an Irish sea shanty, with Middle Eastern flourishes! It’s… In the hands of many artists, that would be a train wreck. [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Days 11 & 12: The Cockney Horror!

October 12, 2015 // 0 Comments

Alright, so I forgot another day of the Countdown. But never fear! Just like last week, I’ll make up for it with a Halloween double-shot. And this time, I thought I might look a little bit further back than I have before. It’s easy forget that Halloween music didn’t begin in the 1950s. I mean, the Monster Kid era certainly birthed an awful lot of great spooky tunes, but people were writing and recording macabre music long before. For instance, we’re looking back to [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Day 10: Screamin’ Jay’s Other Spell

October 10, 2015 // 0 Comments

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a little Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in the mix. His 1956 hit “I Put a Spell on You” is a holiday staple, covered numerous times and still being played by lovers of spooky music to this day. And there’s good reason for that. It’s a powerful, frenzied, maniacal performance of a type not many professional musicians are willing (or capable) of giving. Here’s the thing, though: it wasn’t supposed to sound like that. [...]

Countdown to Halloween, Day 9: Nothin’ For a Man To Do But Sit Around and Think

October 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

Back to the Halloween mixtape tonight, moving from the gothic rock of Bauhaus to the gothic country of… The Violent Femmes? So, yeah. That was “Country Death Song,” from the Femmes’ second album, Hallowed Ground. I don’t have much in the way of interesting back story on it or anything. It’s just always really amused me that my favorite gothic country song is by a band who’s known for, really, anything but country music. And sometimes, that’s [...]