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  • The most remote field in my own personal nerd farm.
  • The largest single-serving size of dork on the planet
  • One dork’s opinion. No more, no less.

This was the lexicon on the original version of this blog (over at, and I still like to keep it around. It tells you nothing, of course, other than that the blog is going to be about dorky things (and, of course, that the blogger at hand thinks he’s clever). But that’s alright, I suppose. It’s quick, catchy, and to the point, and it’s really all you need to know if you’re not interested in any sort of deep insight into the blogger. But I suppose that if you’re even looking at this page, that’s something you do want to know. So let me try to sum up my philosophy, in 50 words or less.

Primarily, I’m an enthusiast. I prefer to tell people about the things I like, rather than bitching about the things I don’t. I will do some bitching on occasion, mind you, but that’s rare. Life is too short to boil it away on hate when there’s so many good things out there to enjoy instead.

Well, WordPress tells me that’s 55 words, but it’ll have to do…

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