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“Mark Brett” is the current name of a shadowy figure of unknown origin, currently lurking in the wilds of eastern North Carolina. Some say that he’s a shaved Yeti, taught to speak human language and living among us as one of our own. Others claim an extra-terrestrial origin for the creature, citing his strange enjoyment of things as that of a tourist in the human world, whose every experience is a novelty. The cult of FOM (Friends of Mark) that’s formed around him over twenty years as an educator, manager, and amateur critic, assures him that he’s okay by them. But sometimes, he wonders…

He also writes weird fiction (based, some say, on the things he gets up to in his off hours) at .

If you’d like to contact him professionally, you can do so here: dorkforty @ (That’s right. Hotmail. Shaved Yetis are nothing if not old school.)

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