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Nerd Farming Ain’t Easy

So it just hit me this morning (Sunday, as I write this) that I missed posting a column this past Tuesday. I kind of thought I had, but I didn’t, and then I just put it out of my mind. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t at least post a picture saying, “Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon.” But it’s been that kind of week. The day job’s kicking my nerd-farming ass, and I’m thinking that it’ll be another week before I’m able to get the show back on the road in anything like normal capacity.

Which is a shame, because some great comics have been coming out. Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Doc Shaner have released two issues of Strange Adventures since the last time I wrote about funnybooks, and that book is really shaping up into something special. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ OGN Pulp is also wonderful stuff, as is Tom Scioli’s Jack Kirby biography. I liked the second issue of Adventureman a lot better than I did the first, as well, and that kind of restored my faith in Matt Fraction a little bit. Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell have knocked it out of the park on two consecutive issues Hellblazer, also, which warms the cockles of this longtime Constantine fan’s cold heart. And on and on and on…

Great comics, but I haven’t had time and energy to discuss them in the manner I usually like. And I don’t today, either. I did want to post something this week, though, so in this rare Sunday edition of the almost-always-weekly Dork Forty… Here are some funnybook images I’ve run across in the last couple of weeks that caught my fancy.

Hope you enjoy them. And we hope to resume regular service by mid-August…

A Nerd Farm Favorite: DEATH! BY! SINGING!

The humble foundation of the Nerd Farm: the first comic I ever bought.



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