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A Collection of Completely Random Images

So I think Matt Groening said it best:


That’s especially true in the time of coronavirus, and the last couple of weeks at my job have put me through the ringer a bit. So instead of our regular column this week, I’m giving you a completely random assortment of pretty pictures. Hope you enjoy it. And I hope even more that I’ll be able to get back to our regularly-scheduled programming soon…

First up, we have Russ Heath’s cover for Marvel Tales #104:


Next, something I shared recently on Dork Forty Social Media… Leo O’Mealia’s gorgeous, but seldom-seen, cover for Action Comics #2:


Jack Kirby’s illustration of the Biblical story of Jacob wrestling the angel:


Darwyn Cooke’s John Henry, from New Frontier.

click to embiggen


James Stokoe’s wrap-around cover for Orc Stain #3.

click to embiggen


The stunning final page from an Alex Toth story in Our Army at War #241 (1972).


And finally… Wally Wood’s amazing cover for Weird Science #9.

click to embiggen



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1 Comment on A Collection of Completely Random Images

  1. Dale Bagwell // May 14, 2020 at 9:41 am // Reply

    Beautiful, beautiful covers, all of them. Never saw the cover to Action Comics#2, as I’m sure a lot of people haven’t either, and damn is that a shame.

    Liked by 2 people

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