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V -A – C – A – T- I – O – N

So, yeah. I think it’s time for a vacation.

This is not something I take lightly. I’ve been doing Dork Forty, between its two incarnations, for more than a decade now, and these weekly columns have become a big part of my funnybook fandom. They’ve made me examine my reading material more closely, appreciate the good stuff more, and learn more about comics and comics history than I ever would have if I wasn’t writing them. I still enjoy doing it.

But sometimes lately, the column’s started feeling like a chore. It’s less “I can’t wait to write this” and more “what the hell am I going to write about this week?” And, you know… I don’t make any money at this. It’s a hobby. And if your hobby’s not fun anymore, you should maybe think about finding a new one. It’s not that dire, mind you. I DO like writing about comics, and want to keep doing it. But maybe not so much right now.

Also, honestly… I’m repeating myself. My “State of the Industry” columns the last two weeks wound up just being me saying things I’ve said over and over. Hell, the entire back third of the second part was pretty much just last year’s Thanksgiving post, put into a different context. But it’s more than just that. I’ve spent ten years writing about mostly the same writers and artists, and after that much time, there’s only so much new you can say. Or, to put it another way…

At this point, even I’M getting tired of hearing me talk about how great Stray Bullets is.

So, yes. It’s time for a vacation.

Not a super-long vacation. Just enough time to recharge my batteries and start jonesing to write about funnybooks again. A month, I’m thinking, will be enough. So that’s no new posts for the month of February. Then we’ll be back in March with… Whatever comes to mind after all that time away (SPOILER: It’ll probably involve funnybook reviews).

So please forgive the interruption of service, and hopefully I’ll see you all back here in a month.

Less, if I get bored…

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1 Comment on V -A – C – A – T- I – O – N

  1. Dale Bagwell // February 3, 2020 at 6:56 am // Reply

    Have a good one man. I hear you tho, sometimes a break is desperately needed to renew the desire to blog. I had the same issues back when I blogged, and the finally I just said fuck it, and quit. Like you said, when it becomes a chore instead of being fun, it’s time to stop for a bit.
    Enjoy that vaca man, you’ve certainly earned it.

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