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Dingbats and Starmen: Kirby, Allred, and Bowie

So it’s another of those weeks where real life is kicking funnybook ass, and we don’t have time for much more than a quick art gallery post. But that might be okay this time, because the two best funnybooks released last week were really all about the art: Jack Kirby’s Dingbat Love, and Mike Allred’s Bowie

Let’s start with the King. Dingbat Love collects the final remaining unpublished Kirby pages from the 1970s: the canceled romance magazines Soul Love and True-Life Divorce, and two never-before-seen adventures of the Dingbats of Danger Street, the last in a long line of Kirby-created kid gangs. Some of the art is in color, some of it’s reproduced from pencils, some of it’s inked, some of it’s a mix of both… It’s all over the map. But it shows Kirby at play in genres most modern fans haven’t seen him do: romance and comedy. These are pretty cool failed projects, and I’m glad to finally have them in print. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find within:

Last week’s other best book is Bowie, a funnybook biography of rock icon David Bowie. It’s written by Steve Horton, whose play-by-play of Bowie’s life is interesting enough, I suppose. But what makes the book worth having is the stunning artwork. Mike Allred really shows his chops here, doing convincing likenesses of famous people while still turning out the great, trippy imagery he’s best at. And the color work from his wife Laura makes the whole thing pop, in just the way you’d want a Bowie comic to pop. It’s killer work, and I’m not even showing off the best pages here…

click to embiggen



And I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got time for this week. These are both beautiful books, though, and worth a look. Next week… Well, I dunno, now, do I? Busy times have a way of snowballing. But I’m hoping there’ll be time for more of our usual nonsense…


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2 Comments on Dingbats and Starmen: Kirby, Allred, and Bowie

  1. I mean, you can’t fault Kirby for being creative and trying out new things by working on other genres than superheroes and alll, but damn it it still doesn’t look weird to see him draw romance stuff. The superhero genre is where his art style belonged, but again, can’t fault him for wanting to do different things.

    That Bowie book looks BEAUTIFUL tho! Amazon has is selling it for 35$ and I might just go with that. Now if only we could clone Mike and Laura Allred and have them all produce multi-series based on the 60’s and popular 60’s bands, or even just an anthology series based on Bowie and his many various characters, we’d be doing better than fine.

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    • Remember: Kirby and Joe Simon pretty much created the romance comic back in the 1940s. From his perspective, he was just returning to a genre that had been a proven seller.


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