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Countdown to Halloween 2018

So we’re on Halloween vacation this week, and as such aren’t really around to deliver the usual long-winded enthusiasm. So instead, we’re just going to direct you over to our social media, where we’ve been sort of unofficially participating in the annual Countdown to Halloween with a new comics-related Halloween post every day. Usually, it’s just a piece of artwork, but sometimes there’s a little story to go with it. Somewhere in there, we even put up the original art to a whole Jack Kirby horror story, written and drawn just prior to his departure from Marvel Comics in the early 70s. There’s no dialogue, other than Kirby’s hand-written marginal notes for each panel, and yet that’s enough to follow the story.

But if you don’t wanna deal with the social media machine (and lord knows we can understand that), here’s a sampling of what we’ve been up to, just to tide you over:

Emily Carroll, from her story “A Lady’s Hands Are Cold,” in the book Through the Woods.

Gene Colan, panel detail from Tomb of Dracula.

Drew Friedman

From the surreal nightmare scare sequence in Halloween is Grinch Night.

Jack Kirby, from The Demon.

Mike Mignola

Alex Raymond, “Back Seat Driver.”

Alex Ross, from his Universal Monsters print set.

Bill Sienkiewicz

Bernie Wrightson, one-page gag strip from (I believe) Creepy.


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