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The Life and Adventures of Lois Lane

We here on the nerd farm were saddened to hear this week of the passing of Margot Kidder, who defined the role of Lois Lane for a generation.

She may have been the best screen Lois ever, in fact. Smart, funny, brave, and abrasive, with a penchant for getting in over her head. She was a force of nature, and I’m not sure anyone else has ever matched her in the role.

For that matter, I’m not really sure the funnybook version’s ever quite lived up to Kidder’s performance, either. Though she carried her own comic for something on the order of 20 years, funnybook Lois was… well…

She was maybe not the greatest reporter in the world. The old Lois Lane stories were more obsessed with romance, and Lois’ latest attempts to trick Superman into marrying her, than they were with her efforts at exposing corruption or snagging a scoop. Still, they produced some of the most entertaining covers of the Silver Age of comics. And, since Lois is on our minds this week, we thought it might be nice to share some of them, in all their silly, bizarre, and sometimes downright offensive, glory.

Let’s start off with a couple of the many times Lois married somebody other than Superman, usually a terrible heel. Like that time she married Luthor…

Or that time she married THE DEVIL HIMSELF!

And even when she wasn’t marrying another man, she often found other reasons to turn against him.


Uhm… Sometimes, I really wonder what went on in Mort Weisinger’s head. But moving right along…

You can’t really blame Lois for not always being happy with her super-lover, though. He didn’t always treat her very well, either.

Yeah… I think it would be pretty accurate to say that Lois and Superman’s relationship status should always read “It’s Complicated.”

They weren’t always at odds, though. Sometimes, Lois fought for her man…

…and usually, regardless of whatever bizarre-ass thing was happening to her, Lois kept up a brave face so as not to worry him.

She even got to do some news reporting every now and again! Especially when comics entered the “relevant” era of the early 70s. Though sometimes, well-intentioned explorations of things like racial issues didn’t come off quite the way I’m sure they were intended.

I… can’t help but notice that those two stories came within four issues of each other. Good lord. Different times, my friends… Different times.

Eventually, of course… long after her original series had been canceled… Lois did get to headline a few stories in which she’s presented as a serious reporter doing serious work.

(She even got to be drawn by the great Gray Morrow!)

But those stories aren’t nearly as much fun. Because, make no mistake… Though Lois Lane was seldom great, it was also seldom anything less than fun. And there’s really nothing at all wrong with that.

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4 Comments on The Life and Adventures of Lois Lane

  1. These covers are awesome while certainly not PC!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dale Bagwell // May 16, 2018 at 8:23 pm // Reply

    Damn those SA covers though! Seriously based off all that, how could anyone even remotely think Lois Lane and Superman were a good match together. Boggles the mind, but nowhere the ones where they tackle the issue of race. Goddamn, that one cover tho! I think Childish Gambino would have a field day providing commentary for those covers.

    As much as Reeves was MY Superman movie-wise growing up, Kidder was…..ok. She definitely nailed the whole damsel in distress bit, while still remaining irritatingly head-strong, like the Lois int he comics, she just didn’t do for me visually, unlike the one from the George Reeves era, Noel Neil. Amy Adams tries, but not feeling it with her either. I guess it’s too late to re-cast at this point, but they could do better.

    Still, props to Kidder, for her other successful acting roles, as well as bravely fighting the bi-polar disorder that haunted her all her life.


    • Amy Adams is a very good actress. Her Lois Lane just wasn’t written very entertainingly.

      As for the covers… They were “shock sellers,” designed to surprise because they were such a departure from the Superman / Lois relationship as it was usually written. Kinda like Kirby’s “Superman’s EX-Pal, Jimmy Olsen.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dale Bagwell // May 18, 2018 at 11:28 am //

        She is, but this just wasn’t for her. They could’ve at least dyed her hair like Kate Bosworth had to do.


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