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Technical Difficulties

So it’s one of those weeks where real life gets in the way of our usual long-winded ramblings. I had planned to just make a quick “Technical Difficulties” post, and move on. But then I went looking for pictures of robots from old funnybooks to go with it, and one thing lead to another, and… Here’s a whole gallery of robots! Robots fighting! Robots destroying! Robots… loving? All this, AND the Secret Origin of the nerd farm’s lovable robot mascot! Below!

First, the gallery. Most of these are embiggenable, so click away!


And now, kind of a special treat. One of the nerd farm’s favorite funnybook artists is the incomparable Basil Wolverton, a Golden Age great who terrified your humble narrator as a small child with his hideous, grotesque (and totally hysterical) covers for the humor comic PLOP! in the 1970s. Once upon a time, though, Wolverton was a master of the funnybook short story in the EC style. So here today are two Wolverton classics, filled with his usual grotesques… and of course robots. First up: ROBOT WOMAN!

(I left these pages extra-big, by the way, so you can enjoy Wolverton in his full glory with just one simple click of the mouse. And if you’re lookin’ at this on one a them fancy smart phone doomahickeys, get to a real computer with the largest screen you can. It’s worth the effort.)

HEH. A fine cautionary tale for these early days of artificial intelligence. If you make yourself a robot girlfriend, you better treat her right.

And now (in pages not quite so impressively embiggenable), we give you… The Wolverton story from which we stole our robot mascot! It’s not as wonderful/awful as ROBOT WOMAN, but that final panel is so filled with robot pathos that we just had to take the poor thing in…

And that’s all for now. Next week… Hopefully… Back to the funnybook reviews!

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1 Comment on Technical Difficulties

  1. Action Comics #571 was the very first time I ever saw the work of Brian Bolland. That cover leaped out at me. I had to know what the story was about! I really miss the days when comic books had covers that grabbed your attention in that way.

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