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So the nerd farm’s shut down and locked up tight this week while we enjoy our Halloween vacation. But we had a little downtime today, and thought we’d share a little Halloween treat: the Dork Forty Halloween mix tape, MONSTERBILLY HOLIDAY!

Artwork: Spookini, by Brandon Ragnar Johnson (Used without permission — please don’t sue us!)

First, to set the mood, a Nerd Farm favorite since we were wee tykes…

…and a tune of wonderful pedigree that we just discovered this morning:

Next up, the hottest gothnik chick ever to crawl out of a tomb, Tarantula Ghoul!


Even more sultry…

Another new discovery…

The original King of Halloween meets the nerd farm’s primary purveyors of southern-fried spooks!

And speaking of SCOTS…

And, hey! As long as we’re poking around the present-day, here’s another tune that’s new to us this year:

But let’s get back to the proper Monsterbilly time period with a Halloween classic that, though over-played, retains its charm nonetheless. Especially when you can watch Bobby “Boris” Pickett perform it live (or, you know, a reasonable facsimile thereof) on American Bandstand…

Moving back to less well-known material…

And now, a song no Monsterbilly Halloween would be complete without: Hasil Adkins’ classic “No More Hot Dogs.” Doesn’t sound too Halloweeny to you? Just listen…

Yep. Hasil’s own story about his inspiration for this tune: He was on a date at the drive-in, and his date kept sending him to the concession stand instead of making out like he’d planned. Which is funny (and more than a little concerning), but I still have to think the Haze was pulling our legs with that one.

Next up, another tune that’s new to us, with the catchy-ass title of “Monster Gonzales.”

Another classic Halloweeny instrumental…

…and some classic Halloween romance with Monsterbilly icon Screaming Lord Sutch.

Less romantic, but far more terrifying…

And because no Halloween would be complete without a trip to the graveyard…

…or maybe two trips…

And finally… as much fun as this has been, it’s time to wrap things up by going back to where we started, with a return to the patron saint of Halloween, Mr. John Zacherle, with a closing holiday wish for us all.


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