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Graveyard Gospel: The Dork Forty Halloween Mix Tape

So I do a Halloween mix tape just about every year. It’s my favorite holiday, and I like to share my enthusiasm with friends. Plus, it keeps my hand in the mix tape game, which is a low art form to be sure, but an art form I greatly enjoy practicing. This year, I found myself getting into sort of a gothic country groove, with lots of dark swampy twang and crazy redneck cabaret. It’s a sound I’ve loved for a long time, something I’ve come to call… Graveyard Gospel.

Now, I can’t share my actual mixtape with you here. I don’t relish getting sued by the people who police such things. But I can make you a virtual copy, through the magic of the interwebs. First, here’s your cover:




And now, here’s the music. I’m sharing videos where possible, and audio links when I couldn’t find what I wanted otherwise. So turn down the lights, settle in, and (hopefully) enjoy…

1. Ain’t No Grave – Charlie Parr

2. The Woods – Ashcan Orchid

3. Dead Bury the Dead – The Legendary Shack Shakers

4. Dead Love Rag – The Movie Star Junkies

5. Night of the Dead – The Coffinshakers

6. North Wind – Slim Whitman

7. Theme From Young Frankenstein – Los Straitjackets

8. Black Wings – Jaran Hereid

9. Haunted – Ashcan Orchid

10. Lonesome Grave – Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

This one only seems to be available on SoundCloud. So if (like me) you don’t have an account there, please allow me to offer you up this alternative Holly Golightly track: a cheery little ditty called “Devil Do.” The video’s even got a nifty old cartoon to go with it:

11. The Loneliest Ghost in Town – Southern Culture on the Skids

12. Black Mass (The Ballad of Bohemian Grove) – Hellbound Glory

This one’s only available on Spotify, and I don’t have an alternate Hellbound Glory song to replace it for anyone who doesn’t do Spotify. But I do have a fascinating little story to go along with it: The title of this song seemed pointlessly long to me, especially since this “Bohemian Grove” place isn’t mentioned at all in the lyrics. So I chopped it off on the physical copies I made of the mix. Imagine my surprise, then, when a search for it on YouTube turned up not the song, but a bunch of conspiracy videos about this actual place called Bohemian Grove, at which somebody runs a summer camp for rich and powerful men. This is supposed to be a place where they can go to cast aside their cares and just be a bunch of drunken frat boys in the woods for a few days. It’s been around since the late 19th Century, and has played host to CEOs, diplomats, movie stars, and future presidents. Of course, since it’s a secret conclave with a powerful membership, and because they apparently do get up to some odd rituals out there (including a ceremony conducted in the shadow of a giant stone owl), some people think it’s a lot more sinister than it probably is. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on it, and here’s a link to a particularly crazy David Icke rant about it. Once I saw that Icke was on to it, I knew I’d hit conspiracy gold. And now… even if you can’t enjoy the song… so have you.

13. Blood – Zeno Tornado

14. Midnight Drifter – The Whiskey Folk Ramblers

15. Darkness in My Soul – The .357 String Band

16. The Buzzard and the Bell – The Legendary Shack Shakers

17. When You’re Dead – Ashcan Orchid

18. Ghost Town – The Pine Hill Haints


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