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Upgrading the Apparatus

The Nerd Farm Gets a Facelift

Atomic batteries to power… Turbines to speed…

Kirby - Portfolio Piece 1

As you may have noticed, we’ve done a little remodeling here on the nerd farm. It’s the same place, more or less. We just slapped on a fresh coat of paint. Added a few windows. Got some clean gravel in the driveway. You know. Spruced things up a bit.

Otherwise, you can pretty much expect the same service as always. The weekly spewing of funnybook opinion will continue unabated. But there might be a few more Pretty Picture posts in-between. There might also be a Link-Blog every so often, if I find something worth linking to, and the occasional more experimental piece, like my recent dream-review of Providence or the parody review I did of DC Rebirth. There might even be an occasional post that *gasp!* deals with something other than funnybooks. They remain my first love, and will always be the primary focus of this site. But I dig all manner of other fringe culture junk, too, so if I wanna post up a cool picture of, say, backstage life on the set of The Bride of Frankenstein

Backstage Bride

…I will.

Why? Well, in part it’s because I wanted to see if I could drive a little more traffic our way. But also, I want to keep the site interesting for myself. I’ve been running the Dork Forty, in one version or another, for seven years now, and the itch is starting to set in. It’s time to shake things up a bit.

Hopefully, my mid-blog crisis won’t be too annoying…

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3 Comments on Upgrading the Apparatus

  1. This is what happened when you ask Jack Kirby to fix the engine of your car :)

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  2. That BW photo, brilliant. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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