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Linkblogging: Jonathan Hickman at SKTCHD


Coming to this piece very late, but… Hit the link below for a lengthy podcast interview with Jonathan Hickman. Lots of stuff about his process, particularly on East of West, but most importantly… Right around the 30-minute mark, enjoy an amazing rant on artistic integrity and creators’ rights. Might piss a few people off, but… He’s right, folks. Or, at the very least, he ain’t wrong.

He’s also got an interesting point to make about why so many comics at the mainstream spandex publishers are so dull, right around the 1-hour-20-minute mark. He’s probably right about that, too. At least in part. Or at the very least, he’s expressing something I often think, but haven’t put into words as well as Hickman does here.

(Also… Sorry to hear that the site hosting that interview, David Harper’s excellent SKTCHD, will be going away. I understand his reasons; running a website is a lot of work to be doing for free. Even posting up my once-a-week funnybook reviews here sometimes feels overwhelming, and I’m a piker in comparison to the kind of long-form journalism Harper’s spent the last year doing three or four times a week. Still, it’s been nice to have someone with a comics-positive attitude covering comics that don’t get enough attention elsewhere. It will be missed.)


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