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Countdown to Halloween, Day 29: Yig Snake Daddy

Dipping back into the HP Lovecraft bucket for tonight’s entry in the Halloween mixtape. We’re also revisiting Yig, this time in a form a bit more in keeping with the original story.

Cthulhu Strikes Back

Well… I DID say “a bit.”

That, as you can probably tell, is the cover for Cthulhu Strikes Back, what may have been the first proper full-length album from the Lovecraft-influenced rock band Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. They take their name from a line in Lovecraft’s story “The Tomb,” and over the years have written an awful lot of songs drawing (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) on Lovecraftian concepts. Like, for instance, tonight’s entry in the Halloween mixtape: “Yig Snake Daddy.”

Heh. Yeah…

One interesting bit about the source material here, before I go: “The Curse of Yig” was not, technically, an HP Lovecraft story. It was actually credited to Zealia Bishop upon its publication in Weird Tales. And the original story was, indeed, written by Bishop. But Lovecraft revised her work so substantially that it’s effectively ghost-written. Bishop’s surviving contributions seem to be Yig himself, and the inclusion of a major female character, something Lovecraft himself never did. Still, “The Curse of Yig” is unquestionably a Lovecraft story, dealing in his common themes of ancient gods and half-human hybrids birthed in unholy unions of god and man. Why the guys in Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (or at least the narrators of their song) would go looking for that, I really couldn’t tell you…

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