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Countdown to Halloween, Day 21: Slow Munsters

So the theme song to the Munsters has been getting plenty of airtime lately, thanks to Fallout Boy’s ill-fitting appropriation of it for their song “Uma Thurman.” I mean, don’t get me wrong. That’s a great guitar riff. It just doesn’t belong in that song.

ANYway… The Munsters.

The Munsters

Fun show, watched it a lot as a kid, still catch one every now and then, one of the greatest TV theme songs ever. But everyone’s heard it a million times, and that’s the kind of stuff I tend to avoid for the Halloween mixtape. There’s too much cool Halloweenie music out there for me to spend too much time on the standards.

But there’s an alternate version of the Munsters theme. A slower take that doesn’t get heard very much at all. And that, I think, is well-worth getting in front of more ears. So… Here ya go: The Munsters Theme, Slow Version. Enjoy!


The Munsters theme also had lyrics. They were never used on the show, but a version with lyrics was included on the 1964 tie-in album At Home With the Munsters. I’m not entirely sure if the words were written for the show or the album, but whichever, it’s a pretty rare version of the song. So as long as I was dipping my toe in the Munster pool, I figured I might as well throw that in, as well:

Yeah… “Suicide is Painless,” it ain’t. But it’s still kinda fun to hear…

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