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Countdown to Halloween, Day 18: Horror of Yig

Going from the sublime to the ridiculous…

GWAR - Slymenstra Hyman

…tonight the Halloween mixtape brings us to GWAR. Formed in the middle 1980s as a parody of Satanic heavy metal, GWAR took the schtick one step further. They’re not devil worshippers. Hell, they’re not even human. They’re alien shock troops, barbarians from space, exiled here in the distant past when they dared rebel against their boss, the Master of All Realities. Obsessed with sex, death, and torture, GWAR has awakened from their slumber beneath the Arctic ice to subjugate humanity, ONE AUDIENCE AT A TIME.

It’s a great act, a rock & roll Grand Guignol, complete with costumes…

GWAR Scumdogs

…on-stage sword fights, and eviscerations. And blood. OH, so much blood. Blood everywhere, pooling on the stage and, crucially, sprayed still-warm and by the gallon, all over the audience. If you go see GWAR, bring a towel. And don’t wear anything you want to keep.

(Actually, that’s not really true. I still have the t-shirt I wore when I saw them on the Scum Tour, back in 1990. So you can keep what you wear. But only as a souvenir.)

At any rate. GWAR’s origin story sounds like something out of HP Lovecraft, an impression that was only solidified for me on their second album, when they released the song “Horror of Yig.” Yig, you see, is a monster from a Lovecraft story, a Native American snake god with, much like GWAR themselves, a penchant for rape and slaughter. GWAR’s version seems less Native American than Scottish, though, seeing as the song begins and ends with bagpipes. Of course, they also fade in on a Brando monologue from Apocalypse Now, so… Who knows? It all works, anyway, and makes for a fun bit of Halloweenie metal to keep that mixtape rolling…

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