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Countdown to Halloween, Day 17: This is How We Do Things in the Country

Since I started down the gothic country path last night, I figured I might as well keep on walkin’ down it a little further. I mean, sure. It’s gettin’ kinda muddy, and the kudzu’s startin’ to choke it out some. And I ain’t 100% positive, but I might’ve tripped over somethin’ that felt a little like a corpse back there aways. But I just figger that must mean we’re about to stumble over somethin’ good an’ Halloweenie for our Saturday night doin’s. In fact… Hey, man! Lookit this thing here!

Slim Cessna

Kinda plain, I know. But I like the looka that eyeball.

(Okay, okay. Enough of the colorful dialect. I’m about to malign the area of my birth enough with the song I’m gonna play.)

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club plays a heady mix of country and gothabilly styles, much of it delivered with the fire and emotion of old-time gospel. That’s certainly the case with tonight’s song on the Halloween mixtape, a twisty little murder ballad that takes the killer far beyond the murder into less malignant, but somehow more disturbing, activities. But whatcha gonna do? This is How We Do Things in the Country…


I almost picked a different Slim Cessna tune tonight, one with a more Halloweenie-sounding name and a great fiery delivery. But the surreal lyrics border on the nonsensical, so I went with the more obvious murder ballad instead. But, hot damn this one’s got a weird-ass video! So as long as we’re here… Check out “Pine Box.”

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