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Countdown to Halloween, Days 11 & 12: The Cockney Horror!

Alright, so I forgot another day of the Countdown. But never fear! Just like last week, I’ll make up for it with a Halloween double-shot. And this time, I thought I might look a little bit further back than I have before. It’s easy forget that Halloween music didn’t begin in the 1950s. I mean, the Monster Kid era certainly birthed an awful lot of great spooky tunes, but people were writing and recording macabre music long before.

For instance, we’re looking back to 1934 for the first half of our two-fer, a charming little ditty about Anne Boleyn called “With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm.”

This one’s been recorded by a lot of people over the years (including, in a strange mix of styles, the Kingston Trio), but the version I went with tonight is by Cyril Smith. I went with Smith’s version, honestly, just because it’s the one I’m most familiar with. Listening to it, though, I was struck by Smith’s cockney accent, and was reminded of similar song from the same era: The Barmy Brothers, with “Ain’t It Grand to be Bloomin’ Well Dead.”

(Not sure what’s up with the picture on that particular video. But it was the best one I could find for the Barmy’s version.)

Aaaannnddd… That’s all I got tonight. Wish I knew more about either song, but the interwebs aren’t offering up much info. So, til tomorrow night, group… Stay sick!

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