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Countdown to Halloween, Day 7: UNDEAD UNDEAD UNDEAD!

So far, our Halloween mix tape has been focusing mostly on the obvious, the outrageous, and the humorous. But tonight I thought I’d take a slightly darker turn, and… Actually, you know what? I was about to say that I was going to head off into music that sounds dark and scary without actually being about murder and monsters. But considering what I’m planning on sharing tonight…

Bela Lugosis Dead

…that might actually be rather disingenuous of me. I mean, sure. It’s Bauhaus. The band that invented goth rock. Guys who sound like a bunch of sepulchral bastards even when they’re singing about parties and girls. But their epic, their first single, the song that launched a thousand pale youth into a decade of death-obsessed dancing frenzy… is ultimately just a tune about the dude that played Dracula.

Good evening.

Good evening.

And you just don’t get much more outrageously Halloweenie than that.

So! Without further ado! From 1979, the very first goth record: Bauhaus, with “Bela Lugosi’s Dead.”

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