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Happy Birthday to the King


Jack Kirby, the man who tops my very short list of contenders for Greatest Funnybook Artist of All Time, would have been 98 years old today. And though I’m still technically on a blog vacation, I couldn’t let the occasion pass without celebrating. So here’s a bunch of my favorite Kirby art. Click it to embig– Actually, no. Scratch that.

Click to make ’em KING-SIZED!!

click to embig-- actually, no. Click to make KING-SIZED!!!


Kirby Fantastic Four 51

Kirby - Satan's Six 2

Kirby Spirit World

Kirby Presence Black

...for what it's worth...

Kirby OMAC 1 Lila

click to embiggen

Kirby - Losers

Kirby - Your Brain on Kirby

Kirby - X-51

Kirby - Wham

Kirby - Tiger Force

Kirby - Screams

Kirby - Oof

Kirby - Dream Machine

Kirby - Granny

click to embiggen

Kirby - Self-Portrait

I’ve always read that Kirby turned in that last picture when asked for a self-portrait. Which, if so, is pretty great. “The Thing in a Beatle wig” pretty well sums up where Kirby’s head was at as he was creating the Fourth World, and the psychedelic, youth-positive characters within. But, still. Since we opened with an actual photograph of the youthful Kirby, we should probably finish with one of the elder Kirby, every bit as proud, but maybe just a tiny bit wiser…

...the Funnybook DaVinci, if you will...

Happy birthday, King! There’ll never be another like you!


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1 Comment on Happy Birthday to the King

  1. Awesome stuff!

    If not for the King, the Marvel Universe would have been Spider-Man and Dr. Strange.

    Marvel itself needs to celebrate the King’s birthday and send out random books to random fans…something like that.


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