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THE PURGE! Inner Space Interlude

So here’s the problem with my big Funnybook Purge: all the time I would normally spend writing has been spent deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to sell cheap, and what to sell for real money. So the in-depth piece I was planning to do on the comics I’m keeping… just hasn’t materialized. So as not to leave the Nerd Farm completely unmanned in the interim, though… I thought maybe I should do something a little more… visual.

Golden Micronauts Ad

Micronauts was my favorite comic when I was ten. It was also based on my favorite toys, of course, which probably had a lot to do with why I loved it so much. But it was great funnybooks, too. Bill Mantlo’s story, steeped in metaphysics, body theft and political corruption, was by far the most grown-up thing I’d ever encountered. Sure, it cribs a lot from Star Wars. But with teaser ads like the one above, a villain as awesome as Baron Karza…

Golden Baron Karza

…psychedelia on the level of the Time Traveler…

Golden Micronauts Time Traveler

…fantastic vistas of space armadas…

Golden Micronauts 9

…sci-fi sword fights (with robots!)…

Golden Micronauts Acroyers Attack

…and Kirbyesque grandeur with the super hero WHO COULD BE YOU…

Golden Karza vs Universe

…I don’t really care. All that gorgeous Michael Golden artwork helped a lot, too, of course, and it’s really him we’re celebrating here.

Now, this book is so old that the paper’s gone well past the point where I can read it without setting off my allergies. So, by all the rules I’ve set for myself in weeding out my collection, I should have dumped this book without a second thought. It meant so much to me once upon a time, though, that I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. Maybe if there were trade collections, but as it is… Nope! Keeping that one close!

In fact, I might invest in some Benadryl and dive in for a re-read. The first I’ve done in at least 25 years…


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4 Comments on THE PURGE! Inner Space Interlude

  1. I absolutely love those Michael Golden Micronauts books! Beautiful stuff.


    • Yes, indeed! And I kinda forgot to mention it, but do you know who followed him on that book? Howard Chaykin! Crazy how pretty that thing was, especially for a toy tie-in series.


  2. Micronauts was my entry into the world of comics as well. Glad to see it getting some love.

    Funny story – I had Michael Golden sign my copy of number 1, forgetting at the time that Dave Cockrum did the cover. Oh well.

    Where did you get that promo ad? I’ve never seen it before.

    When I last re-read the series as an adult, I was left with the impression that Bill Mantlo made the book in the mold of Star Wars but then added all the things that Star Wars couldn’t do.

    I’ve never read the second Marvel series. What is your impression of that one?

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    • I found that particular ad out on the web (don’t remember where, unfortunately). But I remember it from the era. They ran a bunch of those, featuring different characters, all (as I recall) with that “The Micronauts are coming!” tag line. If I hadn’t already been excited about the book, those ads would have done it. They were all very striking Golden artwork.

      I did read the second series. Peter Gillis wrote it, if I remember correctly. It was appropriately psychedelic as I recall, but never quite captured the original’s sense of fun and epic space opera feel. I want to say that was the first time I ever saw Kelly Jones artwork, but I’m not sure.


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