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The Visible Dork Forty: Orphaned Oddities

So I know that I usually drone on and on endlessly about some funnybook or other. It’s kind of what visitors to the nerd farm have come to expect, I suppose. Well, except for those pervs who keeping coming around looking for Gimli Porn. But when you make jokes like that, you’ve gotta expect to attract a rough crowd.

ANYWAY… I do like to ramble on a bit, but I also like the pretty pretty pictures. I festoon my ramblings with them in the hopes that it’ll tickle the eyes and break up all that talking. But sometimes, I wind up with pictures I don’t use. I’ve got a folder for this stuff on my desktop, waiting for the day when I need, say… a small picture of six-eyed Batman:

Batman - Six Eyes!

Or… Captain Marvel shooting himself in the head:

Shazam Suicide

But I have to face facts: such opportunities are few and far between. I mean, I haven’t even found a need to show you Jack Kirby’s impression of Satanists:

Kirby - Satanists

And if I can’t fit in a picture THAT great, it’s time for a new plan. So I figured I’d just give these orphaned oddities a home of their own. That said, I can’t even talk about these pictures that much. I mean, there’s not even a discernible theme.

Snowman Invasion

No, “whacky old comics” doesn’t cut it. Because I’ve also got this perfectly beautiful Steve Ditko drawing of the derelict Dr. Stephen Strange…

Ditko Strange

…and this awesomely weird Raphael Grampa drawing of a dog race…

Grampa - 5

…or something. Whatever’s going on there, you can click that one to see it in all its embiggened glory. So, see? I’m just sharing those because they’re nice to look at. And one of them’s kinda small, while the other’s massively huge.

In a similar vein, I’ve got this marvelously grotesque (and attractively decayed) old Basil Wolverton drawing of an ugly guy:

Wolverton Loathed

So this really has been kind of a house-cleaning effort. I’ll leave you, then, with a sneak peek of a future, more focused art gallery: my favorite panel (out of many gems) from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Flex Mentallo…

flex to embiggen

flex to embiggen

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