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Reports from the Field

I am notoriously bad at self-promotion. I don’t navigate the blogosphere well, I keep my social media limited to actual friends, and I tend to just put my stuff out here on the web and hope someone finds it. I am a neanderthal in an online world of cyborg super-promoters. But this one time, I figure I’ll toot my own horn in the one forum I have for tooting. Because what the hell, huh?

I started up a fiction blog. It’s called Reports from the Field, and you can check it out by going here:

What’s it about?

Briefly… Weird things and murder.

Less briefly, it’s a story written in the form of field reports from an agent in the employ of an unnamed Agency as he goes about his duties investigating a murder/kidnapping with occult undertones. But mostly, it is (or will be) a compendium of inexplicable supernatural phenomena, portentous nightmares, encounters with odd characters, and things he ate.

Hollywood pitch version: It’s Twin Peaks meets Welcome to Nightvale. In Lovecraft country. With a soundtrack by Tom Waits.

It’s gonna meander a lot, tell you everything but the story, and (hopefully) be creepy and weird and funny along the way.

Oh, and also: There’s a second on-going story being told in the comments section, under the guise of amusing fishing anecdotes.

If that sounds like something you wouldn’t hate, give it a look. And tell ’em the nerd farm sent ya!

Thank you for indulging my hype. Your regularly-scheduled dorkiness will continue next week, with a look at Jim Starlin’s Thanos Saga.

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