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Review Haiku!

So… I know I promised review haiku for this week, but… well… I’ve been busy, and…

Okay, look. I tried. But it was just a bad idea, and I–

Alright, fine. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you…


Afterlife with Archie 1, by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla

A fun diversion,

Better than it should have been.

Poor Zombie Jughead.

Francavilla Afterlife With Archie

Manhattan Projects 15, by Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Browne

Decent fill-in art

For the Oppenheimer war.

A fine new chapter.

Battling Boy, by Paul Pope

Slightly disjointed,

But pretty, fun, and way-cool.

Pope returns in style.

Paul Pope Battling Boy

Century West, by Howard Chaykin

Chaykin’s obsessions

Are kept in check by setting.

Watch the Old West die.

Shaolin Cowboy 1, by Geoff Darrow

Cowboy fights zombies

With two chainsaws on a stick.

Freaking beautiful.

Darrow Shaolin Cowboy vs Zombies

Thor: God of Thunder 14, by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney

Asgardia brings

Adventure by committee?!

Metal, this is not!

Three 1, by Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly


This kicks 300‘s hard ass.

Up yours, Frank Miller!

Kelly Three

Multiple Warheads: Down Fall, by Brandon Graham

Graham delivers

Sci-fi weirdness, and also,

Graphic werewolf sex.

Coffin Hill 1, by Caitlin Kittredge and Inaki Miranda

Witchy goth hottie.

I should be quite cynical.

But it’s creepy good.

Miranda Coffin Hill


(All the frankly gorgeous artwork in this post is embiggenable, by the way, but if you’re only going to make with the clicky once, you should probably do it with the Inaki Miranda picture directly above. Of course, that Geoff Darrow piece really kinda deserves to be seen at full embiggened size, too, so…)

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