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Countdown to Halloween: The Dream-Like Horror of Choi Xoo Ang

South Korean artist Choi Xoo Ang specializes in what he calls “human emotion art,” hyper-realistic resin sculptures that capture human longing and despair. More importantly for our purposes here today, though, many of his pieces are also downright horrifying. So I thought they might make a nice high-art detour for our countdown to Halloween. I don’t know the titles to any of these pieces, but they pretty much speak for themselves, I think. So without further ado…

Faceless Faces - Choi Xoo Ang

Faceless Faces Full - Choi Xoo Ang

Ring of Heads - Choi Xoo Ang

Tongues - Choi Xoo Ang

I suppose those last two are more “weird” or “uncanny” than outright horrifying, creepy dream images that disturb without resorting to full-on monsterism. But as good students of HP Lovecraft, that’s all part of the Halloween experience for us.

This final piece is the one I find the most disturbing, though, even if it’s mostly on a sub-conscious level. Of course, that’s the best kind of horror to me: the kind that pushes a button so deep you didn’t even know it was there.

HANDS! - Choi Xoo Ang

Gaa-ah-ahh! That’s the sort of image that’ll stick with me long after faceless whisperers and disembodied heads have faded from memory. And I couldn’t begin to tell you why.

Which, I think, is a nice note to leave you on. Choi Xoo Ang has dozens more pieces to look at, only an image search away. Lots of them might very well fit our Halloween theme even better than the ones I chose to post tonight, in fact, but they’re also very NSFW, and I do try to keep the nerd farm visually PG-13 when possible. But if you liked these, definitely check ’em out. You won’t be sorry.

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