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So here’s a weird thing…

I was playing around with the Dark Horse digital comics app earlier today, tracking down the newest issue of MIND MGMT. The app’s a little slow sometimes, and I got tired of waiting for a page to load, so I decided to hit a link that had loaded in hopes of leap-frogging to what I wanted.

And then, Just as I tapped on the link, the word “LOADING….” at the bottom of the screen changed to “KNIFE TO THE EYE!” Which, as every person of good taste knows, is the battle-cry of beloved homicidal sidekick Franky in Eric Powell’s beautiful and profane comic The Goon:

Powell Knife to the Eye

It happened so fast that I wasn’t sure if I’d caused it or just imagined it, and then the app took me off to a new page. I couldn’t get it to repeat the switch again, in fact, so I’m still not sure. Either way, though, it’s hysterical. And a good excuse to post up a picture of a scrawny redneck hoodlum stabbing a scaly fish-man right in his ocular protuberance. Which is something I try to do at every available opportunity.

So, hallucination or not… All is good with the world.

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