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KTMA MST3K: Dork Code for Comedy

As long-time visitors to the nerd farm may be aware, we love local TV around here. Horror Hosts, old-school regional rasslin shows, small-time kiddie shows… Oh, the cheap-ass glory of it all!

The greatest of all local TV shows (arguably the greatest, anyway) was Mystery Science Theatre 3000. A parody of horror host shows, the hosts of MST3K sat through the terrible movies with the audience and made fun of them on-screen.

MST3K Silhouette

It was a great formula that carried the show out of local TV and on to an incredible nine seasons on basic cable, garnering millions of fans around the world, some of whom weren’t even dorks. The local TV episodes of MST3K have always been something of a lost dork classic, though. Airing on Minneapolis’ KTMA Channel 23 (UHF!), they never got any sort of wide distribution, taking a back seat to the more polished cable episodes. And that’s maybe not without reason. The local episodes are cheap and primitive even in comparison to the cheap-looking-on-purpose cable stuff. Hell, just look:

click to embiggen

click to embiggen

Still… dorks being dorks… the KTMA episodes have become something of a nerdish Holy Grail, available only through bootleg video dealers. I picked up a few that way, myself, just because I had to scratch that particular dork itch.

But I just discovered that most of the KTMA stuff is available on the YouTubes. Mind. Blown.

So get ready to have your whole day slip away once you click the link below:

That’ll take you to a playlist of 16 KTMA MST3K episodes, with classics like Fugitive Alien, Mighty Jack, and of course a butt-load of Gamera. But the real gem of the collection, to me, is the film I’m linking directly to below: The Million Eyes of Sumuru! A 1967 spy vehicle for teen idol Frankie Avalon, Million Eyes is based on novels by Fu Manchu creator Sax Rohmer, features Klaus Kinski in a supporting role, AND inspired the name of the greatest riot grrl band of all time, Bikini Kill. Wikipedia describes the plot as follows:

Sumuru is a beautiful but evil woman who plans world domination by having her sexy all-female army eliminate male leaders and replace them with her female agents.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Hit that play button, and enjoy!

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