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Your Christmas Movie: Santa Claus

The presents are opened, the dinner has been served, and now you’re kicking back to relax as you slide ever-so-comfortably into your annual figgy pudding coma. So what better to settle in with than a fine motion picture about Santa Claus fighting the devil with the help of his good friend Merlin?

click to embiggen

click to embiggen


From sunny Mexico in the year 1959, it’s the imaginatively-titled Santa Claus:


And if you don’t have time for that… Here’s a completely sanity-blasting short film made by liberally stealing footage from the above film, over-dubbing it, and splicing in a few new scenes of some anthropomorphic animals beating each other about the head and neck! One part Grade-Z children’s fare, one part travel ad for Santa’s Village Amusement Park, and ten million parts unintentional Lynchian horrorshow… It’s Santa Claus and His Helpers.

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