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What Would Punk Rock Jesus Do?

…pardon our seam… and click to embiggen… REALLY embiggen…

Punk Rock Jesus #5 (of 6), by Sean Murphy

I don’t really have a whole lot to say about this comic, to be honest. But that WWPRJD t-shirt cracked me up so much that I couldn’t NOT share. I think I want one. Maybe I’ll just DIY that sumbitch…

Anyway. As long as I’m here, I might as well say a few words. I think the thing I like most about this book is just how truly punk rock it is. Not because of its anger, but because it’s so sincere. There’s a rough energy and a sense of anarchic fun at work here that’s a little too rare in modern funnybooks (hell, in modern entertainment). And if Sean Murphy’s artwork is prettier than your standard three-chords-and-the-truth punk, his writing is suitably unsophisticated and direct, and takes a suitable pleasure in poking the world in the eye.

(Speaking of how pretty the art is, by the by… If you haven’t embiggened that picture up top yet, make sure you do before you leave. I left it extra-big, right off my scanner, and the enlargement really shows it off to good effect. Murphy’s line is both precise and scratchy, perfectly-formed and energetic at the same time. I liked it at print size, but embiggened it’s freaking amazing. BLOW UP YER COMICS FTW!)

But where was I? The writing! As I said, it’s direct and not really very complicated, but it does a nice job of flipping off the world. The entertainment media complex has been a target from day one, as has fundamentalist Christianity, but this issue Murphy also has a little fun at the expense of Our Hero’s punk rock culture. Chris (aka Punk Rock Jesus) is really just an angry 15-year-old lashing out at society (you know, your typical punk rocker), but because he’s been given such a massive stage to do it on, everybody’s paying attention. And while he may have a point to make, his bandmates are just as shallow as everybody else in the media circus surrounding him. They don’t seem to be using him or anything, but ultimately I get the feeling that they’re just in it for the kicks.

But, hey. That’s pretty damn punk rock, too.


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6 Comments on What Would Punk Rock Jesus Do?

  1. So, I totally want to read this IMMEDIATELY. Thanks for the rec.

    I’m such a sucker for Jesus comics (which as a very anti-organized religion girl, is kind of amusing, no?), I need this.

    I showed this to my friend Kate (and shared on twitter), and she was equally excited (plus, she’d never heard of Jesus Hates Zombies, can you believe it?!).


  2. So, I have all five issues waiting for when I finish my Jesus Hates Zombies re-read. Probably later tonight. Thanks for the rec. :)


  3. My pleasure! I hope you enjoy(ed) it. Makes me wish I’d mentioned what a slow burn the series has been, and all the stuff with Our Hero’s bodyguard and the IRA. The book may not be quite as whacky as I made it sound above…

    (Thanks for the share, as well. I am singularly horrible at self-promotion.)


    • Wow, I was totally redundant in my comments, wasn’t I?

      I only started it last night because…well, because I suck.

      But the first 10 pages made me a little weepy.


      • I had to go back and remind myself of how that book opened (I read it five months ago), but,,, yeah. I can definitely see getting choked up. I didn’t, but I’m a jaded bastard.

        No, no. Actually, it was because I was assuming that I was reading satire, I spent the whole sequence waiting for the other shoe to drop on Murphy’s send-up the IRA. But that aspect of the book’s not funny at all. At. All.

        Plus… Yeah. I’m a jaded bastard.


      • Heh, I USED to be that way, and still am about some things. Stuff with kids really gets to me now, though.


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