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Countdown to Halloween Minus One: City of the Damned

After being reminded that I forgot to include the Gothic Archies in my Countdown to Halloween, I decided that one song more couldn’t hurt… Right?

Now, stop that! Just consider this the Dio del los Muertos bonus track on the virtual mix-tape, and enjoy The Gothic Archies with “City of the Damned.”

(If you want more Gothic Archies, check out the comments to yesterday’s Halloween finale post. Reader/blogger/professional BookSnob SJ pointed me toward a song I’d never heard before, off an album I didn’t know existed. For which I am eternally grateful.)

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2 Comments on Countdown to Halloween Minus One: City of the Damned

  1. Aw. As I said on the comments for yesterday’s post, you can find most of the songs on this ep elsewhere, but if you’re a completist (like me), you probably won’t care about that.

    City of the Damned is one of my favourite songs of theirs. Nice choice.


  2. Thankee! That version of “City of the Damned” from Looming in the Gloom is quite different from the one I know, but I dig it, too.


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