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Countdown Completed! IT’S HALLOWEEN!!!

The big day is here, the Great Punkin is loose in the night, and here on the Dork Forty… I’m afraid our month-long celebration is going to end with a whimper instead of a bang. Due to some WordPress issues, I’m not able to post videos tonight. So our big Halloween mix-tape ends with last night’s Tom Waits marathon. But I’ve still got some pictures for you, so… Let the (somewhat subdued) Halloweenie celebrations begin!

click to embiggen

Aaaanndd… I can’t let the evening go by without at least one song. Even though I can’t post videos, I can post links to them, so…

I’ve been trying to avoid the Halloween standards, the stuff you hear on every compilation on the market. Nothing against those songs, of course, but it’s good to get a rest from them every once in a while. But tonight, I ran across an alternate take on one of those songs so different from the original that it’s well-worth a listen. So click below, and enjoy the unreleased alternate version of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell On You.”

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell On You (Alternate Take)

BONUS HALLOWEEN ALTERNATIVE!! These links are a bit disappointing, but I’m going to share one more with you anyway. The father of all horror movie hosts (and the Dork Forty King of Halloween) is Zacherley (aka John Zacherle). His fame rose to such a high level in the late 1950s that Zacherley released a hit record. “Dinner With Drac” was a sensation, but the popular released version of the song was actually not the original. It was a toned-down, cleaned-up re-recording suggested by Dick Clark (then an influential rock DJ and personal friend of Zacherley). Deemed too gruesome for mainstream America, the original recording was relegated to a seldom-heard B-Side. But it kicks the official version’s ass, from its awesomely weird lyrics to one of the hotter guitar licks of the era. It’s been a favorite of mine since childhood, and it’s well-worth a click if you’ve never heard it.

Zacherley – Dinner With Drac

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7 Comments on Countdown Completed! IT’S HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. I’m a little sad this countdown is over!

    Part of me is a little sad you never used this song, but I’ll forgive you since I enjoyed the majority of the rest of the stuff you posted.

    APROPOS OF NOTHING did you watch Mockingbird Lane?


  2. Damn! I meant to do the Gothic Archies! Too much Halloween music vying for my attention, I guess. Thanks for pointing me toward that song, though; I didn’t even know that album existed, so now i’ve got something else to hunt down.

    As for [i]Mockingbird Lane[/i]… I missed it. I’d filled my DVR at Turner Classics, and forgot to tune in. How was it? I love Bryan Fuller, but I’ve heard mixed things.


    • Looming in the Gloom is a 5 song ep, and all of the songs (except for this one) are on The New Despair, so it’s not like you’re missing out on a whole lot. There’s another version of this song on Hyacinths and Thistles (you like the 6ths, too, yeah?)…I am a huge Stephin Merritt fangirl.


    • ALSO, Mockingbird Lane. I liked it. I think if it were to be picked up, I’d watch it. Eddie Izzard was fantastic, and I don’t normally like Jerry O’whatshisface, but I liked him as Herman. I liked that in THIS one, they look mostly normal, but are monsters on the inside, which is kind of the opposite of the original.


  3. Interesting. I’d be wary of that reversal of concept in most hands, but I could see Fuller taking it somewhere interesting.

    I wasn’t aware of the 6ths at all, however. I somehow missed Merritt entirely until a few years ago, and he’s got so many projects I haven’t tracked them all down. I know Magnetic Fields, of course, and Future Bible Heroes. But The 6ths (having just read their Wikipedia entry) sound like a blast. I’ll look them up next time I’m buying music. I mean… Vocals from Bob Mould, Katherine Whalen, and Lou Barlow? I’m there!


    • Do you have a Spotify account? Both of their albums are on there so you can listen before you decide to buy.

      I decided long ago that Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs was one of my desert island albums, but most of his stuff is so great I’d have a hard time picking something else.


  4. I do have Spotify, and thank you for reminding me. I can usually make pretty good buying decisions based on EMusic’s 30-second song samples, but why rely on those if I don’t have to?


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