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Countdown to Halloween, Day 27: The Three Faces of Morticia

In the last of our Halloween tributes to sexy dead girls, we take a look at the deathly ravishing Morticia Addams, TV’s OTHER great Monster Mom (I was going to say Monster MILF again, but then I found out that’s actually a thing; sometimes, Urban Dictionary is as much a curse as a blessing).

Morticia (Tish to her devoted Gomez) was perhaps best-defined by her creator, Charles Addams:

But she really came to life for most people in the person of Carolyn Jones, who played her on the original Addams Family TV series from 1964-66:

Though visually stunning, Jones’ Morticia wasn’t allowed to be the femme fatale that Addams intended. Sanitized for television into a simple “Macabre Mom” figure, she was left as something of a cypher. Aside from her cultured hobbies, penchant for monster gardening, and ability to drive her husband mad with desire… There wasn’t a lot to her.

That changed a bit when the Addamses were revived for two feature films in the early 90s, and Morticia was brought to life once again by Anjelica Huston.

Huston’s Morticia had that formidable edge Charles Addams had envisioned, and an icy sensuality to boot. There was a whiff of graveyard sex about her, and a sense that her relationship with Gomez was as debauched (though charmingly so) as it was passionate.

We love all three Morticias here on the Dork Forty, of course, but if I had to pick a personal favorite, I think I’d have to go wth Anjelica Huston. Why? Well… At the risk of revealing too much… Let’s just say that I’ve often found her Addams Family to be a good date movie, and leave it at that.

Ahem. That being said… Tonight’s addition to our virtual Halloween mix tape is all about Carolyn Jones. Because the theme to her 1960s Addams Family series is not only a Halloween staple I never get tired of, it’s also the weirdest, herky-jerkiest, most unlikely ear worm you’re ever likely to be subjected to. Enjoy!

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