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Countdown to Halloween, Day 19: Jack the Ripper

It’s not often that an artist can be both the subject of our daily Halloweenie picture…

click to embiggen

…and the latest addition to our virtual Halloween mix tape. But then, there’ve never been too many musicians like Screaming Lord Sutch. A fascinating British eccentric throughout his life, his career began at the height of the Monster Rock craze in the early 1960s, when Sutch made teenage girls scream all over his native England. Something you can see in the video below, an early live performance of his biggest hit, “Jack the Ripper.”

BONUS SUTCH! Though you can now find all of Lord Sutch’s best tunes on the “Screaming Lord Sutch Story” album, he was primarily a singles artist. And, just because I love all those records so very much, here’s one of them, transposed on-line with every hiss and crackle intact. Enjoy!

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