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Countdown to Halloween, Day 14: Delia’s Gone

Two bits of unfinished business tonight from yesterday’s Halloween mix tape:

We took our cover this year from the first issue of Charlton Comics’ short-lived Haunted Love series. I didn’t know that book even existed until I went looking for cover pictures, and the very first Google image response for “Haunted Love” was the cover to the first issue.

Perfect as that was, I kept digging to see if I could find an even better cover. And though I didn’t, I was still struck my how very good the cover art for that series was. Not all of them were winners, but the good ones were very good indeed. So I thought a gallery of Haunted Love covers might be in order. All (including the one above) are embiggenable with just a click of the mouse, so… Enjoy them, and then we’ll get to tonight’s song…

Unremarkable in some ways, but the woman is very well-drawn. I also like the slightly mind-bending realization that those hands aren’t coming out of the sky as I first thought, but are actually right over her head!

One of the more traditionally “comic booky” of the covers I’ve chosen for this gallery, if with far better backgrounds than you often saw on funnybooks of this era. The real capper, though, is of course the way that one giant eye seems to be protruding from the surface of the mirror, like the most obvious and weird “spying through the portrait’s eyes” gag ever.


Holy crap I love this cover. Bold design work coupled with scary faces and a super-cool shadow ghost. Not many of these are making it into my screen saver, but this one’s in.

Yeah, okay, the idea that the statues got so scared that their hair stood on end is pretty freaking silly. But, my god! The axe-wielding woman in the foreground almost looks like something out of Klimt!

I like the murky underwater colors here, and you’ve gotta wonder where the romance comes in between a naked woman and two weird-ass frog people. Of course, as an HP Lovecraft fan, I can pretty much guess. I guess Y’ha-nthlei really is deeper than they know…

And that’s the last issue of Haunted Love. Just 11 issues for something that I would have guessed would have been a sure seller in the era of Dark Shadows. As usual with Charlton, though, I suppose they hit the trend just as it was dying. If you’d like to see the covers I didn’t post, you can go here for a full gallery.

So that’s one bit of Haunted Love business taken care of. The second is the song that didn’t make the cut. Johnny Cash’s “Delia’s Gone” was among the first songs I picked, but as the mix took shape around it, I realized that it just didn’t fit. So I’m including it tonight, on the less-focused virtual mix tape. Nothin’ sez Halloweenie Love like a good old-fashioned murder ballad, after all. Especially one with a ghost at the end…

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2 Comments on Countdown to Halloween, Day 14: Delia’s Gone

  1. Dear Mr. Brett, Thank you for finding Haunted Love. I’d never heard of it before. Looks like the most delicious nonsense ever!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And thank you for reminding me that I found it!


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