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Countdown to Halloween, Day Ten: Pictures of Lily (Munster, That Is)

Getting back to our Halloween salute to sexy dead girls, tonight we bring you everybody’s favorite Monster MILF (or MMILF, if you will), Mrs. Lily Munster.


Hard to believe that’s somebody’s mama, but whatcha gonna do? In addition to her animal side, Lily’s also alluring…

click to embiggen



click to embiggen

…and even a bit of a fashion plate.

Hard to believe she’s married to this guy:

Though he is dashing.

But, again… Whatcha gonna do? Maybe she’s just got a thing for dudes with big neck bolts.


Moving right along… Lily was played by the beautimous Yvonne DeCarlo, who’d been a sex symbol for 20 years before landing the role she’d be best-remembered for. But in her movie career she was a noted femme fatale, playing Biblical temptress Salome in 1945 and going on to starring roles opposite actors like Burt Lancaster, Alec Guinness, and (in The Ten Commandments) Charlton Heston.

She also filled out this hooded swimsuit quite well.

Our song tonight is of course the theme to Lily’s show, The Munsters. One of the all-time great TeeVee theme songs, this thing’s been covered by so many surf guitar bands it’s not even funny. Tonight, though, we’re just going with the basic original theme… complete with tuba solo!

(MUNSTER BONUS: Thanks to our friends over at The Goods, we’ve recently seen the original unaired Munsters pilot, a 13 (heh) minute short done essentially as a proof of concept to sell the idea to the networks. It’s different in a number of ways: it’s in color, Herman’s less likeable, Eddie’s completely batshit, and… Yvonne DeCarlo’s Lily is nowhere to be seen. Still a great piece of TeeVee trivia, though, so… Enjoy!

EDIT: Is the foyer of the Munster house in that pilot the same set they used as the foyer of Collinwood in Dark Shadows, or is it just me?

Also a word of thanks to the super-cool Vintage Gal tumblr, from whom we leeched a great many great pictures of Lily. Which… hey… you don’t think…

(Actually, no. I DON’T think. But, man, it was fun making the joke…)

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2 Comments on Countdown to Halloween, Day Ten: Pictures of Lily (Munster, That Is)

  1. Fantastic choice. Love the pictures.


  2. Thankee! They were fun to collect.

    One thing I forgot to mention above about that Munsters pilot: I’m not 100% sure, but I think the foyer of the Munster house on display there is the same set that served as the foyer for Collinwood on Dark Shadows.


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