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Countdown to Halloween, Day Six: RATS!

Rats are intelligent creatures that make great pets. Doesn’t stop them from being creepy as all hell, though. In this way, they’re much like Crispin Glover…

click to embiggen

…the great Dwight Frye…

…and funnybook villain Vermin:

(Well, okay. Maybe Vermin wouldn’t make such a good pet…)

But they also make for some rockin’ cello action!

(A historical note: the situation described in tonight’s Halloween song actually happened. Whether it was by Papal decree, or just a decision of the local clergy, is apparently an open question, but the capybara (an extremely large South American rodent) was declared a fish for the purposes of Lent. Read more about it: )

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3 Comments on Countdown to Halloween, Day Six: RATS!

  1. Heh, in the preview window I saw you’d mentioned that the story actually happened. For a moment, I thought you were going to choose this song.


  2. Best post about rodents ever. And it wasn’t even about the flying variety!


  3. Thanks, Mr. Jett!

    And sj: A fine choice that would have been, too. Got a different Irish band in mind for tonight, however…


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