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Linkblogging Will Commence in Three… Two… One…

I don’t post links all that often, just ’cause… I dunno… I like to hear myself talk, I guess. But tonight I ran across a run of stuff I just wanted to share with somebody… anybody… who I thought might appreciate it. So let’s see how this goes.

First up, over at Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon interviews Ed Brubaker about the impending end of his nearly-eight-year-long run on Captain America, the happy success of Dork Forty favorite Fatale, the Before Watchmen kerfuffle, and how all of it’s leading him to steer his career toward doing less work-for-hire and more stuff he actually owns. Brubaker’s Before Watchmen statements are particularly harsh, which of course warms the cockles of my heart, so click on the pretty Fatale picture below to read one of the best funnybook interviews I’ve read in a good long while…

Second, over at Sci-ence! Justice Leak!, Mindless One Andrew Hickey reviews the copy of Before Watchmen he stole off the interwebs (because he obviously wasn’t going to PAY for that shit). He takes a rather dim view of the whole business as well, and eviscerates it far more thoroughly and professionally than I could have, even if I’d been smart enough to steal it for my own self. He also says something about the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League that I’ve always believed, but never thought I’d ever hear anyone else say: it’s totally a sequel to Watchmen. Plus, he shares this lovely photograph, which now sums up Watchmen for me better than anything (and which you can click upon to read the review):


And finally, since I wouldn’t want this whole thing to be a downer… It’s the best use of Flickr imaginable: a gallery of Jack Kirby double-page spreads! A hallmark of Kirby’s work from the 1970s onward, his spreads were always a treat, a visual tour-de-force that let him cut loose artistically in ways he just didn’t anywhere else. Don’t believe me? Check this out! (And, again, click on the pretty picture to see more.)


And, oh yeah! If you’d like to hear an early review of the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume (Century: 2009), you could probably do one whole hell of a lot worse than listening to the Mindless Ones’ SILENCE! podcast for this week. I say “probably” because I won’t be listening to it until I’ve got the book in my hands this Wednesday (those headlines about Harry Potter being the Antichrist spoiled it enough for me already). Click on the awesome new SILENCE! logo by Orc Stain’s James Stokoe to listen…

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