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And Another Thing…

Last night, I was so taken aback by the sheer “Yeah, DC is evil” attitude of this week’s Action Comics #9 that I completely neglected to mention two very important things about the issue. Number one, it stars the Superman of Earth 23, who is black and the president of the United States. Which, you know, cool. Worth picking up for that alone, I think. But number two, I can’t help seeing President Superman’s costume…

click to embiggen

…as being at least slightly reminiscent of that worn by another super hero whose rights have been in question in recent years:

It’s slight, sure, and exacerbated by the base similarities between the two costumes. But… The yellow cuffs and belt… The short boots… Even the double-lined effect on Super President’s highlights puts me in mind of the lines extending around the “MM” logo on the chest of Miracleman. And I mean… Considering the story’s heavy focus on creator’s rights, I can’t help but see this as a really brilliant little bit of costume design. It ties DC’s Original Sin (the all-too-legal theft of their most enduringly popular character) to their most recent: the current boondoggle over the Watchmen prequels.

Again, I can only sit back, agog, at the fact that DC PUBLISHED THIS!

Considering their current editorial regime’s apparent blindness to things like “theme” and “anything less subtle than a brick,” I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that it slipped out without anybody noticing. But if they were aware of what this issue was saying… I don’t know whether to be impressed at their willingness to accept the criticism, or appalled at their arrogance for thinking that it doesn’t matter anyway. They still own the rights to Superman AND Watchmen, after all.

And to the grim-n-gritty alternate Superman Morrison created as the villain of the story, too, for that matter. I guess the speed with which they start milking that cash-cow will tell the tale. But, man. I can totally see a Super-Punisher series written by Howard Mackie becoming part of the DC Reboot’s inevitable third wave…

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