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What the– Did DC Really Just Publish This?!

Seriously! Really?!

In today’s Action Comics #9, by Grant Morrison and Gene Ha, we visit with the Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen of an alternate universe, who develop a technology that uses sound to make thought-forms into real, solid, concrete things. They use it to make Superman, a hero who espouses to them a philosophy of such awesome, abject good that it brings them to tears… for the twenty minutes they’re able to keep him in existence. Unable to develop the technology any further on their own, they seek corporate funding, which leads to this scene:

click to embiggen


and again

one last time

After which the corporation in question (run, I must note, by everyone’s favorite strange little man with the giant head, who seems to be sporting horns in that first shot of him up there) immediately wrests control of the Superman concept, turning him into a horrible market-tested grim anti-hero who dogs the heels of his original creators across multiple realities, unto their deaths.


Holy shit.

Could that get a little more Siegel-and-Shuster-y?

(Or, for that matter, Alan Moore-y?)

Did Grant Morrison really just call his own publishers the Devil?

And did they publish it?

While in litigation with the heirs of Superman’s real-world creators over the rights to the character?


EDIT: But wait! There’s more!

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