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Hello, and welcome welcome welcome to the Dork Forty!

Thanks for traveling so far out into the hinterlands of the interwebs to join me. I’ve been doing my thing for a couple of years now over on Blogger, but I thought it might be a good idea, since I’m breaking new ground, to start fresh with a new statement of purpose. So long-time readers (all two of you) can probably skip this post: you already know what I do and how I do it. Lord knows why you stick around, but I’m glad you do. For the rest of you, though…

The Dork Forty is the most remote field in my own personal nerd farm. Here, I and my staff of faithful (and entirely fictional) nerd wranglers attempt to foster an enjoyment of the stuff we like in dork culture. We do this through review, analysis, argument, and study. We’re enthusiasts, primarily, and though our tastes are decidedly middle-brow, we like to dig down and really examine the things we love, expressing not just our enjoyment of them, but also what makes them worth enjoying in the first place.

And what do we enjoy? Well, my tastes tend toward the fantastic. The fantastic, the sensational, and the bizarre. If there was ever a pulp magazine devoted to a subject, I’m probably into it at least a little. That means you’ll mostly be reading about (surprise!) dork stuff here on the Dork Forty. Science fiction and fantasy, crime and detective, horror, and super heroes pretty much rule the roost around here. Being a bit of a disagreeable weirdo, though, I tend toward strange and unique voices in those genres. Not outsider artists, exactly, but definitely stuff that’s a bit cracked, a little left of center. I’ll take a spectacular failure over a mediocre success any day of the week, and actively seek out things that approach familiar subjects from odd angles.

In the past, I’ve written almost exclusively about comic books (or funnybooks, as we like to call ’em here on the nerd farm), and I’ll most likely continue to blather on at length about them. Comics are my favorite fictional medium, and take up a lot of my leisure time. But I also enjoy prose, movies, TV, and music, and I’d really like to enthuse a bit more about that stuff, too.

Which is not to say that you’ll never see a negative review around here. I’m not uncritical; in fact, I tend to subscribe to the theory that 90% of everything is crap. On occasion, something does inspire a rant, as you’ll see if you check out the links below. But I operate the Dork Forty on a shoestring, so I’m not gonna spend money on things I know I won’t like just so I can review them. And besides… The older I get, the less use I have for negativity. Life is too freaking short to waste precious time and energy bitching. This separates me, I realize, from the vast majority of the dorkweb, which seems obsessed with hating everything, especially the things they love the most. But I’m okay with that. The state of fan criticism, for the most part, is dreadful, and while I don’t flatter myself by thinking that I’m necessarily improving it, at the very least I can avoid drinking the Haterade.

And that’s about it. If you want a taste of the Dork Forty at its best, you can follow the links below back to what I consider to be the highlights of the original blog. I may re-post some of this stuff over here, just to have it in one place, but in the meantime… make with the clicky!

100 Best Funnybooks of the Noughts

Worst. Funnybook. Ever? (In which I defend Rise of Arsenal!) 

Did I mention that we love Halloween?

Two Americas (Captain America vs the Tea Party?)

Why I Hate Green Lantern (An evisceration of Geoff Johns’ most popular work)

World’s Finest Crap (A series featuring unintentionally funny classic comics covers)

2010 Dork Awards (A cluster of posts celebrating the best funnybooks of 2010) 

The Rise and Fall of the Comics Code (Our still-incomplete historical series on funnybook censorship)

A Hideous Naughty Strangeness: Alan Moore’s Neonomicon and the Doom That Came to Lovecraft

Same Shit, Different Universe (A further evisceration of Geoff Johns, this time focused on the new Justice League)

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